In personal finance, nobody’s perfect

I might buy something I dont need at the grocery store or forget to take care of something I know I should be handling. Even then,I know I can do this.I know I can succeed. Ive witnessed myself do it in the past and I know I have the ability to move forward on anything I want to do.Thats where I keep my focus. Im imperfect, but I dont dwell on my mistakes aside from asking myself how to correct them. Instead, I remember my successes and strive to match or, better yet, top them.

The Finance Co. To Recover Sussex College Investment

This contrasts with the fact that TFC are paying their depositors on average a rate of 12% over the past five years making their funding of Sussex College an extremely expensive proposition something which Sunil Jayatissa appears not to be aware of. Sunil Jayatissas apparent inability to settle amicably with TFC may well jeopardise the operation of Sussex Colleges network of schools. According to their own website, they currently operate twenty schools in eight provinces covering fifteen districts. The stated break-even point for Sussexs operation is to have 7,000 students in 20 schools. They have blamed the lack of numbers on the Ceylinco crisis but claim to have reclaimed the numbers lost as a result of the confusion and uncertainty during the period of what may well be termed Kotelawalas annushorribilis.


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