Do Behavioral Finance and Impact Investment Make Good Bedfellows?

Marissa Mayer, Please Don’t Screw Up Yahoo! Finance

What do you think about the idea that they are necessary to attract retail investors and capital? MS: That is really what is wrong. I think of the impact investing as something that used to be a pretty small church. It actually started from a religious movement. Now when I say that the industry has been captured by the alpha-seekers, its actually expanded the church by weakening it.

I have no doubt, however, that Mayer and her team of mobile developers will get the job done, whether it’s in time for the launch of iOS 7, which is slated for next month, or soon thereafter. As someone who uses Yahoo! Finance countless times a day, whether it’s to read an article, check a quote, or something else, I am solely in favor of making a few tiny little tweaks to the Web site itself. It could use more white space, perhaps more interactive charts and be a little bit more visually appealing, like Finviz is.

Bricks and finance shortages frustrate British housing hopes

Britain is therefore unlikely to achieve anything near the 250,000 homes needed each year to keep up with a growing population, and critics fear this shortfall means Osborne’s scheme will fuel house prices rather than house building. “The government hopes that we can turn the tap on right away but it doesn’t happen that way,” Stone told Reuters. “It’ll take at least four to six months for the supply chain to respond. The construction industry is 50 percent of what it was. The overseas workers have all gone home.” The government declined to comment on its expectations for the industry.


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