Finance Minister should take tips from Robert Vadra: BJP’s attack in 10 points

International Finance Magazine Invites Nominations for Brokerage Awards for the Year 2013

He also said that he will demand an investigation monitored by the Supreme Court into Mr Vadra’s different business interests. The BJP’s decision to target Mr Vadra, 44, to embarrass Mrs Gandhi was discussed at a meeting this morning of its top body, its parliamentary board. At an all-party meeting convened by the government today, BJP’s Sushma Swaraj said that all members must be allowed to raise the Vadra issue in Parliament. CPI’s Gurudas Dasgupta said the “government should not be sensitive to any name.” The Congress has argued that since he is not a member of parliament, Mr Vadra cannot defend himself against allegations there, and the discussion is therefore unfair. Rejecting that rationale, the BJP allegedly said the Finance Minister should furnish any clarifications on the Congress president’s behalf.

Central and Northern Asia vi. Asia Pacific Best Commodities Broker vii. Africa i. Asia ii.

Indiabulls Housing Finance buys back Amaprop’s 42.5 percent stake in subsidiary for $42.5 mln

Indiabulls Housing Finance has a loan book of Rs 37,000 crore (having grown at a CAGR of 26 per cent in the last five years). — Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. This content/article is provided by Mosaic Media Ventures Private Limited and not by Reuters.


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