Personal finance lessons from the Detroit bankruptcy

Yarmouth finance department could see reorganization

Your plan might involve cutting back on spending or selling some of the items in your closet. This touches on another aspect of Detroits bankruptcy that people everywhere should be thinking about:your pensions are not golden, even if youre employed by a government or other public-sector employer.You should not be planning your retirement based on your pension being available for 40 years. Its just not a good plan. If you are in that situation, I highly recommend taking some of your income and banking it for future years. There very well may come a time in the future where you need it, particularly if your former employer winds up in a Detroit-like situation.

NSW premier says finance minister is safe

Wolfgang Schaeuble told weekly Bild am Sonntag in an interview that Greece would continue to receive support beyond 2014 if needed and provided the country meets the demands of international creditors. Schaeuble was quoted as saying “it’s certain, however, that there will be no second debt writedown for Athens.” Extracts of the interview, to be published Sunday, July 28, were released by the paper Saturday and confirmed by the Finance Ministry. With Germany’s general election two months away, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative government has been at pains to appear firm on Greece’s international bailout, which is unpopular with many Germans. Last year Greece’s debt was restructured with private-sector bondholders.

German Finance Minister rejects second writedown of Greek debt

“All members of parliament, all ministers, have entitlements to travel,” he told reporters in Sydney on Monday. Asked if Mr Pearce’s job was safe, he replied: “Yes”. “Being a member of parliament or being a minister is a seven-day-a-week activity and weekends can be very busy,” the premier said. “I’ve had events in regional areas that have finished late at night and sometimes it is more convenient, particularly depending on where you’re starting the next day, to stay in regional areas.” Mr Pearce has recently returned to work following a month’s stress leave in June after he was found to have misused travel entitlements. He was also escorted from parliament for being drunk in late May.

They would provide certain strengths, Hinchey said, but not the strengths wed like. Hinchey explained that the job of overseeing the various complex facets of a municipalitys finances has become increasingly technological, with expertise with complicated computer software a growing requirement of the position. Town bylaws currently stipulate that the finance director is also Yarmouths head accountant, leading to a growing confusion of duties, with a single individual being required to have great technical expertise in the minutiae of both software and numbers-crunching. Hincheys proposed fix is to separate the positions of finance director and town accountant, which would allow the town to select from two distinct pools of specialists, rather than trying to find a single person who could handle both. It would also mean a change in the bylaw, which would in turn require a vote at the next town meeting. Selectwoman Tracy Post apologized to the candidates who appeared before the board at its last meeting, but agreed that Hincheys plan was the best course.


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