Yarmouth finance department could see reorganization

They would provide certain strengths, Hinchey said, but not the strengths wed like. Hinchey explained that the job of overseeing the various complex facets of a municipalitys finances has become increasingly technological, with expertise with complicated computer software a growing requirement of the position. Town bylaws currently stipulate that the finance director is also Yarmouths head accountant, leading to a growing confusion of duties, with a single individual being required to have great technical expertise in the minutiae of both software and numbers-crunching. Hincheys proposed fix is to separate the positions of finance director and town accountant, which would allow the town to select from two distinct pools of specialists, rather than trying to find a single person who could handle both. It would also mean a change in the bylaw, which would in turn require a vote at the next town meeting.

Event on Semantics in the Finance Industry To Be Held in New Brunswick, NJ

Exhibit B is the Democrats 2010 campaign for council chairman. Both efforts seem to have been rife with infractions of the rules on collecting and spending money. Incredibly, its likely that any violations will go largely unpunished because of an enforcement system that lacks teeth or real penalties. Mr.

D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

will discuss why businesses need to have financial data semantics. The days events will also include a session outlining the work done by the OMG Finance Domain Task Force in creating a Financial Industry Business Ontology standard. The Semantics in the Finance Industry event is open to both OMG members and all interested nonmembers. Registration fees begin at $199 USD.


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