Debt, shadow finance bedevil China’s economy

Banks, finance firms hit by RBI’s rupee defence

At the same time non-traditional forms of lending labelled shadow finance have emerged as a counter to Chinas tightly regulated banking system, and are also in the trillions, and growing fast. They are very serious issues right now, said Oliver Rui, professor of finance and accounting at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai. Chinas new leaders, keen to bring the threat under control, are concerned that if they delay reform then sooner or later the issue will get out of hand, Rui added. For decades, Chinas growth model has been based on leveraging its cheap and abundant labour force to manufacture products for export, alongside credit-fuelled domestic investment to develop infrastructure. But stresses are starting to show and the government as well as international observers say the system needs to change so China can engineer a so-called soft landing and ensure stable and sustainable economic growth.

D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

He said the US would support construction of the project so that donors and international financial institutions could feel comfortable in extending loans, investments and technical support to the project. aPakistan welcomes the interest shown by the US Congress for its support in carrying out feasibility studies for Pakistanas flagship storage project Diamer Bhasha Dam,a Mr Dar was quoted as welcoming the US support and said the government had no objection over preparation of feasibility study of international standards to meet requirements of US laws. The official said Mr Dar sought support of the US administration in increasing the IMF bailout package to $7.3 billion. Mr Olson said the US supported the IMF programme which was an aextremely good thinga to restore confidence of the lending and investor community. He said the US administration would put its weight behind Pakistanas case for higher loan package.

Council in 2008. Exhibit B is the Democrats 2010 campaign for council chairman. Both efforts seem to have been rife with infractions of the rules on collecting and spending money. Incredibly, its likely that any violations will go largely unpunished because of an enforcement system that lacks teeth or real penalties. Mr.

US to finance feasibility study of $14bn dam

Sell-side analysts said they were advising clients to be cautious on private sector banks that rely heavily on market funding, after the central bank unveiled a second set of measures on Tuesday to drain cash from Indian money markets and defuse speculation against the rupee. The rupee hit its highest in a week, rallying further from record lows as it secured a respite, thanks to the Reserve Bank of India’s efforts to push up rates. Analysts said the banks were vulnerable as the bulk of their lending activities are financed by wholesale deposits, from companies or other banks prone to move their money quickly. That contrasts with peers such as HDFC Bank (HDBK.NS) and state-owned banks with a massive nationwide presence that lets them access more stable deposits from retail investors. Bulk or wholesale deposits make up just 22 percent of HDFC Bank’s total deposits.


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