Finance office a ‘chaotic mess’

Commission wants too much power with bank plans – German finance minister

UK-EUROZONE-BANKINGUNION-GERMANY:Commission wants too much power with bank plans - German finance minister

“Six is too many,” Wilhelm said. “Perhaps two municipal and two non-municipal drive-by reading of any more is too much.” Wilson suggested discouraging unpermitted signs by imposing a fee to retrieve a confiscated sign. Locke said the solution is to ban all signs completely, since that will happen eventually when the Veterans Memorial is completed. She volunteered to monitor sign placement, since she is doing that already.

Finance Latest News: Hulu Owners Cancel Auction – Again

The on-again, off-again sale of Hulu is off again. The parent companies of ABC, NBC and Fox said Friday that they would stay owners of Hulu, while providing a cash infusion of about $750 million to ensure future growth. The owners had accepted formal bids for the online video service last week. The announcement Friday suggests the bids were too low. Stock blogger Josh Brown is warning investors to not go crazy based on the heights the market has been reaching lately.

Once banking union is fully operational, the hope is that it would end the previously chaotic handling of cross-border bank collapses and would mean that those who take risks pay, rather than taxpayers. Germany’s opposition is no surprise. Schaeuble has long argued that an EU Treaty change is necessary before a resolution agency could get executive clout. He reiterated in the letter that Germany wanted a two-step approach to get there.


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